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Articularis Healthcare Group Implements Standardized PA Process with SamaCare

At A Glance

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Articularis Healthcare Group, the largest rheumatology specialty group in the U.S.

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Their Challenge

Articularis Healthcare Group needed to implement standardized prior authorization processes across their quickly-expanding organization–23 locations across 8 states–and help staff better navigate prior authorizations for out-of-state and unfamiliar payers.

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The Solution

SamaCare’s solution provides Articularis Healthcare Group (AHG) with one unified platform for all prior authorization activity across their 23 partner practices and locations with easy access to prior authorization (PA) status, history and data. The submission selection tool allows staff to easily navigate PA processes across an increasingly complex payer mix to accurately submit, track and manage timelines and payer responses from a single dashboard and provides visibility at both an individual user and team level. Additionally, SamaCare has helped AHG implement standardized prior authorization procedures and training across their practices, and enable the team to continue process improvement through access to comprehensive and real-time data analytics.

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The Results

  • AHG was able to onboard SamaCare at their locations 3x ahead of schedule and have plans to roll out across the entire organization within 2 months of going live. SamaCare’s fast and out-of-the-box implementation has allowed the team to streamline, standardize, and reduce administrative overhead on PAs.  
  • By using SamaCare’s automated submission selection tool, AHG has saved hours on the phone with payers, improving staff morale and freeing resources for value-added tasks.  
  • After using SamaCare in their pilot location, AHG saw an overall 50% reduction in time spent on submitting and tracking PAs, and payer TAT decrease by 56%.