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CVP Physicians Improves Prior Authorization Outcomes with SamaCare

At A Glance

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CVP Physicians, part of EyeCare Partners, the leading clinically integrated network of ophthalmology and optometry providers.

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Their Challenge

CVP Physicians needed a solution to centralize prior authorization management across their 84 locations and 145 prescribers, reduce payer turnaround time on critical prior authorizations, and decrease denials overall.

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The Solution

CVP Physicians leveraged SamaCare’s prior authorization (PA) management platform to centralize PAs across different regional teams, locations, doctors, and payers. SamaCare’s platform provides CVP Physicians with access to real-time comprehensive analytics they need to streamline their prior authorization process, and reduce prior authorization delays and denials.

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The Results

  • Faster payer turnaround time: 59% decrease in time to prior authorization resolution using the SamaCare platform. 
  • Decrease in denials: 19% decrease in prior authorization denial rate using the SamaCare platform. 
  • Excellent staff experience: Easy implementation and onboarding, and a 50% reduction in staff time spent on prior authorizations once the CVP team adopted SamaCare. In their first year using SamaCare, the CVP team saved 916 hours on prior authorizations!
“SamaCare is a great tool for submitting authorizations. The portal is easy to navigate. The staff is truly knowledgeable, and they explained the process in great detail.” -Jennifer Van Orden, Prior Authorization Coordinator, CVP Physicians