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DENT Decreases Time to Resolution for Both In-State and Out-of-State Payers

At A Glance

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DENT Neurologic Institute, one of the most comprehensive neurologic centers in the U.S.

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Their Challenge

As they continued to scale, DENT Neurologic Institute needed a more comprehensive and efficient solution to mitigate the administrative burden associated with prior authorizations. Given their size — DENT has a large percent of staff working on prior authorizations across various clinics — along with the growing complexity of dealing with many payers each with their own unique policies, managing this process was segmented and increasingly challenging. That cumbersome process led to slower payer turnaround times, frequent out-of-state denials and preventable interruptions in the provision of patient care.

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The Solution

DENT employed SamaCare’s prior authorization management software to automate prior authorization workflows, and centralize billing across multiple specialties, services, providers, locations and users in a unified, web-based platform.

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The Results

Within the first 3 months of using SamaCare, DENT Neurologic Institute successfully expanded SamaCare to several clinic teams resulting in a 70% increase in drug authorization volume and:

  • 10% increase in approval rate for buy-and-bill and specialty pharmacy authorizations
  • 22% decrease in denial rate for buy-and-bill and specialty pharmacy authorizations
  • 42% decrease in payer resolution time for both in-state and out-of-state payers