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Infusion for Health Reduces Time to Prior Authorization Resolution from over a Week to Under 2 Days

At A Glance

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Infusion for Health is a leading national provider of adult and pediatric infusion therapy services.

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Their Challenge

With 39 locations across 6 states treating patients for a wide range of complex, chronic autoimmune and other conditions, Infusion for Health needed to streamline their prior authorization process in order to reduce delays in getting patients on critical treatments.

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The Solution

Infusion for Health partnered with SamaCare, leveraging SamaCare’s NextGen EMR integration, to centralize prior authorizations across all treatments, payers, and portals and streamline the process for prior authorization submission and follow up.

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The Results

Faster payer turnaround time: 79.5% decrease in payer turnaround time (PTAT) from January 2023 to December 2023. Infusion for Health reduced PTAT from 7.59 days to 1.55 days.

Reduced administrative burden: In the past 12 months on SamaCare, Infusion for Health submitted 2,100 PAs across 70 unique payers and 69 unique drugs. Having one portal to submit, track, and manage prior authorizations significantly reduced administrative burden for the Infusion Health Team.