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Savannah Neurology Specialists and SamaCare: “Love at First Form”

At A Glance

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Savannah Neurology Specialists, a 5-doctor neurology practice located in Savannah, Georgia.

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Their Challenge

Due to an extremely manual and time-consuming prior authorization process, Savannah Neurology Specialists found they were increasingly forced to reschedule appointments, delaying patient care, while waiting to obtain prior authorization response or troubleshoot denials.

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The Solution

SamaCare’s unified platform for submitting, managing, and tracking prior authorizations enables Savannah Neurology Specialists to save time through features like autofill forms and one-click renewals, while empowering the team with actionable data to expedite approvals and reduce avoidable denials.

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The Results

Since starting with SamaCare, Savannah Neurology Specialists has not rescheduled a patient due to prior authorization delays. In addition, they have achieved:

  • Fewer Denials: denials dropped over 18 percentage points  within the first month of using SamaCare.
  • Faster Payer Turnaround: the majority of Savannah Neurology Specialists’ payers now resolve prior authorizations in less than 7 days.
  • More Auths, Same Resources: Savannah Neurology Specialists submitted 900 medical benefit PAs through SamaCare across 21 HCPCs and 32 unique insurance companies in 2023.

“SamaCare is fantastic! I’m so happy being able to do everything through SamaCare – it was love at first form!”

- Lauren Larrimore, Savannah Neurology Specialists