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Tennessee Oncology Improves End-to-End Visibility of Prior Authorization Process with SamaCare, Increasing Productivity and Optimizing Missed Opportunities

At A Glance

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Tennessee Oncology, one of the nation’s largest, community-based cancer care specialists and founding practice partner of OneOncology.

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Their Challenge

With increasingly complex requirements for buy-and-bill drugs, Tennessee Oncology was finding it “almost impossible” to keep up to date with prior authorizations, even with 12 employees dedicated to the task. Without an efficient way to measure and optimize the follow up associated with prior authorization submissions, Tennessee Oncology was facing preventable operational expenses both in terms of productivity and missed opportunities.

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The Solution

Tennessee Oncology partnered with SamaCare, integrating their EMR with SamaCare’s centralized platform for submitting, tracking, and managing prior authorizations. “SamaCare is like our authorizations team’s own personal assistant.” — Stacey Poole, Director of Patient Accounting, Tennessee Oncology.

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The Results

In the first 5 months of working with SamaCare, Tennessee Oncology saw the immediate effects of a more streamlined prior authorization process: 62% faster prior authorization resolution, 33% more prior authorizations getting approved prior to the intended date of service, and an estimated total 468 staff hours saved. They were able to achieve these operational improvements by finally filling the gap in tracking the overall productivity and performance of their prior authorizations team. A better process for prior authorizations has also resulted in fewer missed opportunities leading to 20% fewer PA denials and fewer downstream claim denials.