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We’ll help you spend less time with prior authorizations and more time with patients - at no cost for medical practices.

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Streamline Your Prior Authorization Process

Say goodbye to paperwork and endless phone calls, and say hello to a streamlined workflow. Watch our explainer video below to see how we can help you save time and resources.

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A Single Portal

Submit, track, and manage all prior authorizations in one simple platform - across all payers and drugs.

Smart Submissions

Include the right information the first time with auto-fills and payer-specific intelligence.

Get Ahead of Expiring Authorizations

Stay on top of upcoming expirations with automatic reminders and one-click re-authorization.

Actionable Insights

Get regular reporting to reduce financial risk and administrative overhead.

Works with any EMR

Use SamaCare with any EMR. Import demographics easily from any system.

Eliminate Paper & Portal Headaches

Auto-generate paper PA forms in a few clicks and fax/send instantly via SamaCare. Automatically sort and categorize payer responses that come in via fax or payer portals.

Cut Prior Auth Time in


On average, practices spend nearly 50% less time submitting and tracking prior authorizations vs. before SamaCare

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Real Results from SamaCare Practices

"It’s amazing to track everything on one site... Once the information is captured in the system, it lives there and is easy to locate. We now spend less time on the phone and more time with patients."

Christine Mann
Chief Operating Officer

"Definitely the best product that we’ve found for drug authorizations, and we’ve looked at a lot; we have been trying to add efficiency in that space for a long time."

Stacey Poole
Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management

"The ability for SamaCare to go back and automatically check the status of outstanding requests - felt like it’s weight lifted off my shoulders to check every auth and not have to call every time."

Prior Authorizations Staff

"We've used SamaCare to streamline the way we organized PAs. Less than a month after starting and before even fully training everyone, the system improved our efficiency enough that we could shift 20% of our team towards other administrative tasks."

David Evans

"I've really loved it. It's made my job a lot quicker!"

Jessica P
Office Staff

"It's been great for us to streamline over 95% of our authorizations. It's definitely saving time and been efficient. We like it A LOT!"

Allison Hough
Billing Manager

"We are so pleased with the speed at SamaCare. It used to take us 2-3 days to hear back from some payers, now takes us less than 2 hours! We LOVE it!"

Tracey Smith
Director of Billing

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